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Jan Maureen is a mixed media collage artist that captures the fun and joy in life. She enjoys using mixed media such as vintage papers, findings and acrylic paint. Jan loves to use things in nature to give her animal art the feeling of the environment they live in. Jan’s collage Portraits capture the personality and individual expressions of her subject matter in a playful fun way rather than trying to achieve “photo-realism.” She finds out what they love in life and incorporates that into the collage portion of the fine art piece.  Jan is also an abstract artist. She loves the freedom in her abstract paintings that always give a feeling of movement and life. Most of her abstracts have no subject matter, it wonderfully allows her to focus solely on color, shape, and value. Jan feels the need to engage in her abstract paintings because they help her to stay loose and free.

She has been painting since 2010 and has been working diligently to improve her technique and craft. Her long term goals include being in local and regional galleries as well as having an art center. Her dream for the the art center is to have a place where people can come in, do their art, buy art, take classes, and enjoy fellowship.

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About Her Process


Jan Maureen’s mixed medium collage art incorporates many types of medium. Jan loves to go to old book stores and antique shops and incorporate interesting things into her layered fine art collage pieces. She has used old postcards, game pieces, old maps etc.


The results of her collage art are a multi-layered and richly textured background and a fine art acrylic painting as the subject matter.  These mixed medium paintings are usually painted with acrylic paints and she sometimes adds pens and inks. They are fine art pieces and have an archival finish.

Jan invests her time into planning her collage pieces. She starts off with an idea then contemplates the color, the texture and even the size of the piece. The best place that gives her the feeling for the new art piece is outside in the fresh air and around nature, where she might just pick up some bark or dried flower to add to her new collage art piece.


Jan has started a series of mixed medium collage artwork She has a bird art series, a flower art series, safari art series, and farm animal series.


Jan feels that her art should display a sense of joy and playfulness instead of a dark style of art. Life is full of disappointments so why should your art be dark and sad? Jan loves to fill a home or place of work with art that makes people smile.

“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” – Dr. Seuss

Collage & Mixed Media


Jan Maureen’s portrait collage art has a unique artistic style. She starts with a layered collage art background. She uses things that the person enjoys, such as a favorite color, geographical place, music notes, etc. Jan usually works from a photo and captures that person’s unique look and style.


Jan really enjoys the reaction from the person because they are not done in a photo-realism type of way and they really are a unique art on their own. She uses pens, inks, acrylic paint or watercolor paint.  Jan Maureen started doing portrait collage art when she decided to do a Fruit of the Spirit collage series. These are 10 portrait collages with scriptures from the Bible as the inspiration.


Jan then decided it would be a great idea to do personal portrait collage art, so she started using her own children as her first subjects. Jan Maureen paints the portraits with a whimsical fun type of style.

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Animal Art


Jan Maureen’s animal artwork has been her newest creative adventure. When Jan started collage paintings she immediately thought of using mixed medium art to create sweet animal faces. These beautiful, fun faces bring a smile to the viewer.


She loves to incorporate poems from famous poets (or maybe her own), drawings, stamps, and music notes to the collage background. Jan also loves to go outside and pick up items from nature to bring into the painting to get the feel of the natural environment of her special animals.


Jan uses the best quality of acrylic paints to paint the animals. These are fine art paintings with a collage background.  Jan Maureen has created several animal art series: Safari art series and farm animal art series and many more. All her animals are available as animal art prints, animal framed art and animal collage canvas.

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Abstract Art


Jan Maureen’s abstract art is free-flowing colorful art that brings a fresh splash of color, movement, and life into any living space.


Jan adds pens, inks, and sometimes thick mediums to add texture. Jan also will paint with pallet knives, sponges, even combs, and kitchen utensils. All these techniques all add layers and depth that draw the eye of the viewer into the painting to look deeper. 


These colorful unique abstract paintings usually have no preconceived ideas or subject matter allowing Jan to focus solely on contrast, shape, and color.


Jan likes to engage in this creative style in-between her other forms of art because she feels that these paintings give her freedom and they keep her loose for all her artwork.

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